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"I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars."

-OG Mandino

Things To Know About Depression

Questions and Answers

Depression is a type of mood disorder that can damage relationships among family members and friends, harm school performance, and limit other educational activities, (Depression: Parent’s Medication Guide; AACAP)

Do I have depression?

The severity, signs and symptoms of depression may vary and can look like other conditions and vice versa. Often times the symptoms of depression are subtle and may linger for months to years before becoming severe enough to gain attention from ourselves and / or others. 

Some of the key characteristics of depression include sadness, easily annoyed, crying for no apparent reason, and lack of joy in daily activities, just to name a few. Symptoms of depression may present differently in children and adolescents than in adults.

Some of characteristics of depression are difficult to recognize and understand, therefore, a comprehensive psychiatric assessment by a Licensed Mental Health Provider is highly recommended.

Why Should I get help?

When depression is left untreated, the consequences can be serious, and may include risky behavior such as substance use, eating disorders, anxiety disorder, and/ or thoughts about death. Severe symptomatology may become overwhelming and is a risk factor for Suicide attempts and completed suicides.

Why Should I seek treatment ?

When depression in childhood is left untreated it may last 6-9 months, conservatively an entire school year. Problems in school, at home, and with their friends are just some results of untreated depression; more worrisome is the high risk of developing a chronic form of the condition. 

Current statistics indicate that suicide is the second leading cause of death for young adults. This is an alarming trend that suggests a fault in our health care delivery system, in essence more needs to be done to help improve mental health awareness and decrease mental health stigma in our adolescents and young adults.

Lets change this alarming trend together!

Treating Patients With Depression In Miami

Are you dealing with Depression?

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