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"Focus: The only superpower you really need."

Attention: Things To Know.

Brief on attention

Commonly we tend to define attention as a notice of a particular person or things. Infants have a tendency to be attracted to faces and willingly give their attention; school age children's curriculums are likely to switch activity every 15-20min to promote attention. This points to another property of attention which is its length better known as attention span - the capacity to sustain the attention. Short attention span is normal in young children. A short attention span limits their engagement with games and toys, even the ones they like. In adults, a short- attention span can be extremely limiting in education/ work/ social engagements due to the complexity of our modern life. Research has shown that the brain region responsible for attention is the Reticular Formation and it regulates our attention. Fruthermore, selective attention and Cognitive Inhibition may also be partially or totally affected.

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